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Fiona Pendlebury-Garnett-MBACP-DIPHYP-GHR

 Integrative Counselling-Clinical Hypnotherapy-EMDR Therapy   


Face to face counselling 50 minutes -£45

Video calling counselling 50 minutes £40.

Telephone counselling 50 minutes £35

Telephone counselling 25 minutes £25

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hour hypnotherapy consultation £40

An hour and a half –2 hours appointment-£80

EMDR Therapy 

 Eye movement desensitization and reprogramming technique

Trauma therapy  –Hour and a half -2-hour appointment- £80.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy

4 appointments and an hour consultation-£350.

Including a complimentary self-hypnosis recording. My weight loss program is not a diet, diets do not work long term. I will explain fully to you why they do not work in the consultation, my aim is to help you to have a healthy relationship with food, to eat mindfully and to lose weight and keep it off for good, aversion therapy and Gastric band hypnosis included.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy 

Consists of an hour consultation and a 2-hour Hypnotherapy appointment for £200, including a complimentary self-hypnosis recording and my guarantee is if you start to struggle within 2 months of having your first session you can have another session free of charge. My program breaks all links and triggers associated with your smoking habit use aversion therapy to stop those cravings, and regression and progression techniques to ensure you will not want to smoke again, and lots more in my nonsmoker program.

Please note-All all advance course payments are nonrefundable and 48 hours cancellation notice is required or a full session payment will be charged.